What is Huobi Global? 

It is a long-standing cryptocurrency exchange that was launched back in 2013. Huobi Global (pronounced "haw-be"; with "huo" meaning "hot" or "popular" and "bi" meaning "coin" or "currency ” = “popular currency”) is a global cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in China, but is headquartered in the Seychelles and with offices in Asia and the United States. Huobi has a range of trading options for those who are just starting out in this field and to more advanced traders, including spot and margin trading, derivatives and futures, and they also offer crypto-secured loans. Huobi Global Cryptocurrency Exchange aims to provide services for productive work. 

This exchange still allows users to profit from their affiliate referral program (The partner's task is to attract new users using an individual referral link. The partner receives a financial reward in the form of a commission of 15% of of all transactions made by the attracted referral.The bonus is credited within 12 months.In other words, the more clients the partner attracts, the higher his commission.Thus, the user can earn money on the exchange, even without being an active trader.).

What is Huobi Global?
What is Huobi Global?

Huobi Global derivatives trading platform has many advantages in operation:

  • A large number of trading pairs available.
  • Huobi has many types of trading, including margin trading.
  • The Huobi platform has never been hacked. This is a huge achievement in the crypto community.
  • You can trade on the exchange without passing verification. This facilitates the process of working on the site, and makes it attractive to a large part of the community.
  • Huobi has its own token, Huobi Token (HT).
  • The exchange is focused on attracting new users and for this reason it is developing simultaneously in several regions.

Also important is the fact that Huobi focuses on customer security and protection, as well as a reliable and secure platform, so the company has adapted special security procedures. This exchange uses offline cold storage, multi-level verification processes and industry collaboration. In addition, there is a mobile application. Unlike other exchanges, Huobi displays coin statistics and informs the trader about coins.Huobi Global derivatives in the UAE are in high demand.

Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform
Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform

What are derivatives? 

The derivative, as a financial instrument, was formed in the 70s of the last century with the formation of the modern monetary system. Prior to this, a financial instrument was used in relation to goods, then its use switched to currency, stocks, bonds, and so on.

Today, investors have a lot of opportunities to earn both on changes in the price of a currency and on special financial instruments - derivatives.

Derivatives are derivative financial instruments or contracts, thanks to which two parties can enter into a deal for the right or obligation to use some underlying asset (for example, a block of shares). Under this agreement, one party undertakes to sell, buy, exchange or provide for use some asset.

Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives are in high demand
Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives are in high demand

Any crypto can be the underlying asset in crypto derivatives trading. Two parties that enter into a financial contract speculate on the price of a cryptocurrency on a future date. At the first stage of the contract, the parties agree on the price of selling / buying cryptocurrency on a certain day, regardless of the market price. As a result, investors can profit from changes in the price of the underlying asset by buying a currency at a lower price and selling it at a higher price.

What are the benefits of using derivatives?

  • Used in risk management: the price of the underlying crypto coin/token has a direct relationship with the value of the derivative contract. As a result, derivatives are used to reduce the risks associated with fluctuations in the prices of underlying assets. 
  • Determines the price of the underlying asset: Derivative contracts are often used to determine the price of the underlying asset.
  • Market Efficiency: Derivatives trading entails arbitrage practices that are critical to ensuring that the market finds equilibrium and that the prices of the underlying assets are accurate.
  • Low Transaction Costs: Because derivative contracts are risk management tools, they help reduce market transaction costs. As a result, compared to other securities, the transaction cost in derivatives trading is cheaper.

Huobi Global derivatives trading brings stable income.

Huobi token 

Huobi token complies with the EPC-20 standard, and its stock ticker is HT. It is a virtual currency that is used as an accounting unit on the platform itself. At the same time, the token is traded not only on this exchange, but also on external trading platforms and exchanges. This token is one of the key elements of the Huobi exchange system. It is mainly used to pay commissions for completed trading operations, but there are other uses, such as:

  • for the purpose of earning on the exchange rate difference
  • as a regular instrument for margin trading
  • to invest in projects that seem promising

Various factors influence the price of the token. Some of the key ones are the total number of HT coins and the liquidity of this digital currency. A total of 500 million Huobi Tokens were issued.

Why buy Huobi token (HT)?
Why buy Huobi token (HT)?

How to register ?

Buy now Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in the UAE and start earning extra!

In order to enjoy all the benefits of the Huobi exchange, you must first register. To create a user account, do the following:

  • Go to the main page of the site and find the "Register" button in the upper right corner.
  • By clicking on it, the user will be taken to a page with a form for entering personal information. Here you will need to indicate citizenship, an email address, and create and confirm a password. If there is an invitation code, you will also need to enter it.
  • After all the data is filled in, you need to click on the "Registration" button, which is located at the bottom of the window. Next, a letter with a special link will be sent to the specified mail, you need to follow it to activate your account.

Verification is available on Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, which users can complete at will. It can be useful for increasing the amount of cryptocurrency that is withdrawn from the exchange. Also, verification will significantly increase the level of account protection.

Registration page
Registration page

How to withdraw money? 

Withdrawing money is quite simple and for this you need to do the following:

  • You need to enter your personal account and select the “Balance” section on the right side of the screen and find “Deposit & Withdrawal” in the drop-down list. By clicking on this item, the user will be taken to a page where there is a list of available cryptocurrencies.
  • Then you need to select the desired coin.
  • Press the "Withdraw" button.
  • Insert the external wallet address into a special line.
  • Specify the amount.
  • Take into account the commission and make a withdrawal of funds.

After completing these steps, you must wait until the required number of confirmations are received on the network. When this stage is completed, the cryptocurrency will appear on the account.

Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading can also be done on the mobile app.

Huobi mobile app
Huobi mobile app

Huobi Global derivatives list 

Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading is a very educational and exciting process!

Huobi Coin-margined swaps are a kind of derivative digital currencies. Users can profit from rising/falling prices of digital currencies by opening long or short sales based on their own judgment. Like the margined spot market, its price is close to the price of the underlying benchmark index. The main mechanism for fixing spot prices is the cost of funds. Margin swaps do not have a delivery date. Users can always keep it. Coin margin swaps are calculated every 8 hours. After each calculation, the realized profit/loss and unrealized profit/loss are transferred to the user's account balance.

Perpetual swap transactions 7*24 hours. Currently, the calculation is performed every 8 hours, and the calculation occurs in three time periods: 00:00, 8:00 and 16:00 (GMT+8). The transaction will be aborted within the billing period. The amount of time it takes to abort a transaction depends on how long the system takes to settle.

Interruption and recovery of perpetual swaps differ by type, that is, if the BTC variety is still settled and other digital currency varieties have been settled, then other digital currency varieties can resume trading first. Trading types can be divided into opening and closing positions. Each type can be divided into two directions, long and short:

An open long position means that users buy a certain number of contracts when the index is bullish. When a trade is made, long positions will increase.

Closing a long position means that users exit the market, offsetting their own buy contracts when the index is not bullish. When a trade is made, long positions will decrease.

Swap trading on Huobi
Swap trading on Huobi

Huobi Futures uses spread shipping. When the futures expire, all open positions will be closed at the arithmetic average price of the last hour based on the index, not physical delivery. Futures are valued in USD with the corresponding digital currency as margin for open positions, and profit/loss is also calculated in the corresponding digital currency. Each futures represents a certain amount of digital currency.

Crypto-loans are available on the exchange and they are available for sub-accounts right now! With these features, you can set permissions for receiving crypto loans for your sub-accounts through the settings of the main account.

Huobi Global provides opportunities for margin trading, which is the practice of using borrowed funds to trade a particular coin, which then forms collateral for a loan from the exchange. The first step in margin trading is borrowing funds. You can trade with credit, you can choose to go long or short. After the trade is closed, the borrowed amount plus interest is returned to the lender, and the trader retains the remaining profit. In the long run, the trader borrows funds, buys low, sells high, repays the borrowed funds with interest, and retains the profit.

Huobi futures trading
Huobi futures trading


Today, Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform is an entire ecosystem that occupies top positions in the blockchain industry. The Huobi exchange has a reputation for being very reliable, and its creators claim that the exchange cannot be hacked. 

Only the best cryptocurrencies are present on the site, which are selected by a special department according to the unique SMARTChain proprietary methodology. Huobi has a blockchain incubator, and over $1 billion has been invested in this system. The founders of the platform invest such resources in revolutionary blockchain projects and promising startups. This means that users of the exchange can try to get funding for their project. The voting system is used to promote the best ideas. Traders can support the project they like by increasing its rating within the platform. Huobi has its own compensation fund. It performs the function of insurance in case of hacking and theft of funds of registered traders. If digital money disappears, the fund will pay the necessary amounts in accordance with the rules of the platform.Huobi Global crypto derivatives in the UAE are as popular as in many other countries.

Perfect money
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