Financial success becomes a reality together with cryptocurrency trading

You have a right to enjoy life

Many people believe that life should be lived with maximum pleasure. 

Joy and happiness are the birthright of mankind. We ought to be able to breathe deeply and smile every new day, but the problem of the modern world is that many people do not feel happy. Most of us spend more than a third of our lives at work, probably on a salary that does not allow us to do as we please. Expenditure has to be carefully planned, especially if a family and children are involved.

Ways to earn money online

However, there is a way out of this situation. 

Options trading and specifically cryptocurrency trading in UAE could be the answer to your problems. If you were unaware that you can buy bitcoin in UAE, now is the time to find out how. Thanks to modern technology, you can access the latest ways to earn money. Someone with an analytical mindset can achieve financial success quickly by trading on binary options. You can be anywhere in the world -in the USA, Australia, Spain, UAE - the path to wealth is available in every country. Learn how to trade cryptocurrency UAE and you are on your way to financial bliss. All that is needed is a few dollars on deposit, an Internet connection and a reliable and convenient platform. Go online and take a look at the many platforms offering cryptocurrency and another asset trading. Take a look at IQ Option: It will be a great partner for you.

The most popular cryptocurrencies
The most popular cryptocurrencies

IQ Option Success Story

Go online and see - today there are many platforms offering cryptocurrency trading, uae options trading uae. 

While many companies have been registered for more than 10 years and have extensive experience, the IQ Option service is more popular, despite being registered only in 2013. The company from the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is well respected by traders and has an excellent reputation for high-quality and skilled work. Thousands of daily transactions - to a total value exceeding $300-million per month – have convinced users from all over the world, including the UAE, of the reliability, convenience and quality of this company over the past eight years. Traders, including cryptocurrency traders, have found that IQ Option really pays. The first step to trading cryptocurrency in UAE is to choose the reliable broker.

Choose platforms with easy registration
Choose platforms with easy registration

IQ Option key benefits

Today, the IQ Option platform is one of the leaders in the segment, which successfully operates in dozens of countries around the world, including. 

This success was made possible thanks to a long list of company benefits.

Listen to the voices of experience

Visit the thematic forums and read what traders write about the IQ Option site. You can’t please all the people all the time, but you won’t find many negative reviews. Of course, this may be the subjective opinion of tens and hundreds of people, but with 40-million IQ Option customers worldwide, including, such popularity cannot be a coincidence. Cryptocurrency UAE is your passport to a brighter future.


Customers prefer IQ Option because the company can guarantee reliable protection against fraud. To protect traders based in the UAE, modern programs with 256-bit code are used. SSL 3.0 protocol perfectly protects personal data (account passwords, transaction information, credit card passwords) from a hacker. Therefore, trading here is safe and reliable. Read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ documents to learn more about this aspect (the link is on the official website).

Design and usability

The IQ Option service makes trading not only safe but also convenient. The logical layout of the official site enables even a first-time visitor to the page to figure it out and find the necessary section quickly. Choose one of the 17 language versions available and browse for hours without feeling tired. And help is always at hand, as the site has a round-the-clock support service that will come to your aid if you get stuck.


IQ Option is officially registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, having received an international licence in 2013, giving it the right to provide services in many countries of the world. Reliable regulators assist in maintaining control over its activities. When choosing the IQ Option, a trader chooses the legal way to earn big money.

Easy way to big money

Each trader from the UAE can take the first step to financial success with only $10 in his pocket. The registration option is available to all adult users and is free. You just need to go to the official website, spend a few minutes to provide personal data and agree with the terms and conditions of the company.

How to open a demo or real account
How to open a demo or real account

Convenient deposit replenishment

Immediately after registration, a client from the UAE gets the opportunity to replenish the deposit and start trading. Many popular and reliable systems, such as credit cards, electronic wallets and cryptocurrency applications, are available to him for this purpose. The minimum deposit is $10 and the money will be credited to the account in a few minutes. IQ Option does not take a commission for replenishing a deposit.

Replenishment and withdrawal of the deposit
Replenishment and withdrawal of the deposit

Choosing a quality asset

IQ Option company offers the user ample opportunities: He has at his disposal three hundred assets, among which are popular currencies, currency pairs, shares of well-known companies, cryptocurrency, etc. It is also possible to trade in the Forex market, precious metals and raw materials. All you have to do is choose the appropriate option and conclude the first successful transaction.

Big profit

Theoretically, you can earn big money on the first day of trading. The average percentage profit on transactions is 70-80%. On the site, you can choose special turbo options, where the expiration time is up to five minutes. Therefore, a client from the UAE can conclude several successful transactions per day - many traders earn 200-300% daily. At the same time, you can start the path to millions with one dollar (this is the minimum transaction limit).

Demo account

If you are frightened that you might make an expensive mistake, a convenient practice option is offered to all new customers. Just click the ‘Open demo-account’ button on the site and 10,000 virtual dollars will be credited to the deposit. Now they can be used for training, trying new strategies and tactics and learning the nuances of trading. And you lose (or earn) virtual money, so the risk is minimal.


A wide range of settings make trading as convenient and efficient as possible. The platform allows each client from the UAE to customise his account. You can add to the chart those signals and indicators that are necessary for successful trading.

Around the clock

The IQ Option platform is open to customers 24/7. This is a convenient site that works around the clock, unlike standard exchanges in London, Tokyo, New York, etc. Therefore, a user from the UAE can trade at any time of the day or night (except for the Forex market, which is closed on Saturday and Sunday).

Real rewards for virtual dollars

Tournaments for IQ Option customers provide great opportunities. A client from the UAE buys a ticket ($4-20) and receives 1,000 virtual dollars into the account. His task is to earn the greatest profit for a certain period. After that, the prize pool ($3,000-20,000) is distributed among the most successful traders.


You can be sure that a fraudster will not receive your profit even if he finds out the password to the account, because every IQ Option user goes through a verification process. To do this, you must provide a copy of your passport or driver’s licence to security officers. They carry out identification (the process takes up to 36 hours). Now money will be paid only to confirmed customers and to confirmed accounts.


Internet connection is the main factor for trading. Thanks to a high-quality and well-optimised application for iOS and Android devices, every user from the UAE can trade anywhere he happens to be.

Mobile platform menu
Mobile platform menu

Premium account

This option offers an extended list of opportunities for traders from the UAE. The owner of a premium account receives increased profit on transactions, can insure against failure, has priority in paying profit, access to special tournaments and the help of a personal manager.

Automated trading

The service offers customers the option of connecting special programs for automatic trading. You need to download, install and configure a robot that will work 24/7. The program can analyse transactions, select the best assets, offer options and close transactions with millisecond accuracy.

Access to the information

How to trade cryptocurrency ae? This facility enables you to be ‘in the know’ at all times. The official website has a special section with the advice of professional traders, an analysis of popular strategies and the latest market news. Thanks to this information, trading can become as effective as possible.

In short, IQ Option online trading platform offers you the very best opportunities for cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrency F.A.Q.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an electronic virtual or digital money. Physically, this coin does not exist, there are only special electronic registers that keep records of how many cryptocurrency users have and who transfers them to where. The first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) appeared in 2008, and a group of Japanese programmers became its developer.

If we are talking about Bitcoin, today its value is about $9500-10000, and in 2008 the price of the coin was a few cents. Such success was made possible thanks to the wide popularity and convenience of cryptocurrencies. Virtual money gained popularity for the following reasons:

• High prevalence, versatility. It is easy to create a wallet on any computer, smartphone or tablet on various operating systems.

• Simplicity, the openness of settlement operations. A complete history of incoming and outgoing transactions is stored without time limits.

• Each node of the cryptocurrency generation system is equal, there is no single center, which excludes the possibility of blocking wallets, canceling and controlling payments.

• Maximum anonymity increases the independence of the payment system. When making payments, you can specify the address, account number at the request of the owner of the wallet from which the payment is made.

• Conducted transactions are protected by ф cryptographic method. Without transferring the block with a special verification code, it will not be possible to confirm the financial transaction. If this is done, no one can cancel the money transfer, which excludes fraud when paying for goods/services with cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are a legal way to earn money in the UAE. Bitcoin, Ethereun and other options are recognized as legal currency, suitable for the purchase of goods and payment for services. Besides, IQ Option’s operations also comply with local laws. The list of cryptocurrencies available to a trader from the UAE on the company's website has 9 items.

• Bitcoin. It appeared in 2009, and its cost was less than ten cents. The abbreviation is BTC, and the currency used the SHA-256 hash function. The peak value occurred in 2018 when 1BTC = 20000S. Now the price of one coin is $9500-10000;

• Ethereum. The currency debuted in 2015 due to the high cost of Bitcoin. Uses the hash function KECCAK-256. At the moment, the cost of one ETH is $170-180;

• Tron. It appeared on the market in 2017. Today, the volume of capitalization is $5, and the price of one coin is $0.04-0.05. Experts predict the growth of the TRX index in the next two years;

• Binance Coin. A young cryptocurrency that entered the market in 2017. The total capitalization of BNB is $2.8 billion. The current exchange rate is $18.27 - 1BNB;

• Bitcoin SV. Another popular option for cryptocurrency trading at IQ Option. It became available in 2018 and uses the hash function of ASIC S9. Capitalization is $1.8b dollars, and market value - 1BSV=$85-95;

• Litecoin. Date of appearance - October 2013. Considered as an alternative to Bitcoin. Today's exchange rate is 50-55$/1LTC, and the total capitalization is 2.5 billion;

• Bitcoin Cash. An alternative to the popular cryptocurrency, which appeared in 2015 and uses the popular SHA-256 hash. The volume of market capitalization is $12 billion, and the cost of one BCH coin is $200-210;

• Miota. Cheap cryptocurrency, perfect for trading on the IQ Option platform. Since 2015, uses the SHA-3 hash protocol. The current value of one coin is $0.26, and the market capitalization is $755,000,000;

• Stellar. One of the most affordable options that appeared in 2015. Today, the cost of 1XLM is $0.05-0.07. A good option for those who are used to making money on risky transactions.

A UAE trader has several options for buying cryptocurrencies:

• Exchange. Here you can buy currency at a nice price, but transaction processing speed can be great;

• Mobile app. A good choice that is always nearby. Nice prices and fast transaction processing, but a small list of available cryptocurrencies;

• Private sites. Fast transaction speed, wide selection, but the presence of a special commission.

Any trader can start to trade crypto at IQ Option at any time. To do this, just take a few steps.

1. Go through the registration procedure on the official website of and create an account;

2. To replenish the deposit in any convenient way;

3. Select the desired cryptocurrency;

4. Determine the amount of the transaction;

5. Make a forecast based on the analysis of information, signals, and indicators;

6. Indicate the time of expiration;

7.Close the deal with maximum profit.

Perfect money
The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose