Trading in the asset market is one of the most common methods of earning money in the modern world. And the fact is that more and more people prefer not only to work remotely from home, but also to be self-employed. But trading on the market with the help of online brokers has become popular not only because of this. The fact is that this type of income generation is considered very profitable.

Online brokers, as a rule, improve their trading platforms and create the most comfortable conditions for their clients, which allows people to think about starting a trading career more and more often. But even after users become experts in their field, they have room to grow because brokers have account types on their platforms that help make trading more efficient, even when the client believes he has reached his maximum potential.

How to be VIP at IQ Option?

When a user is already sufficiently versed in trading and cannot understand how to develop his skills further, then he can safely think about how to become vip in IQ Option. VIP status has its advantages over a regular account, which can ultimately help a trader make their trades more efficient.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

Market trading refers to the use of a platform through which a client gains access to an asset and its price. Thus, the client gets the opportunity to use the asset market and make transactions without leaving home.

In order to understand how to be VIP at IQ Option and start trading with some advantages over other users, you need to fill out a registration form. It is necessary to fill in the standard fields in it, with the client's active email address, indicate the mobile phone number, and also generate a rather complicated password.

It is also worth noting that when creating an account, it is necessary to carefully check the data entered by the client, so that if the password is lost, the user can restore his account without any problems. In addition, the platform system may request some necessary documents in order to complete the verification of the client's identity. As a document, the system may request a passport or driving license, these are the documents that can confirm the identity of the platform user. All document data will be used solely for the security of the account, as well as the client's personal funds stored on it.

In order to be able to use an IQ Option vip account, the client must meet certain requirements from the platform. The conditions for obtaining an account with benefits include the amount of trading turnover per month, as well as the amount of the deposit. To put it simply, in order to become the owner of a VIP account, you need to deposit funds to the account, for a certain amount and have a certain trading volume every month.

Use technical support
Use technical support

The amount of funds deposited, as well as the size of the trade turnover, is individual for each client and depends on the country of its registration. For more information about the amount and size of the turnover, the user can find out by contacting the technical support on the platform. User support is available around the clock and will provide the client with the necessary information as soon as possible after the request.

Benefits of VIP status

Undoubtedly, when a user opens an IQ Option vip account, he is interested in its benefits. Everyone wants to have additional features and privileges to increase their income level. In order not to lose the possibilities of an account with benefits, it is necessary to make an effort that a client with a good trading experience can easily cope with. This means that an IQ Option vip account will be beyond the reach of some time, only for beginners who need to gain experience.

In any case, if an account with benefits is of no interest to the user, after a while, after using it, he can always return to his usual trading.

  • Of the advantages, first of all, you need to consider user support, a personal client manager. This means that the client can get the necessary advice or assistance from the manager, while not being distracted from work, which will help to be able to better focus on trading marketable assets and increasing their profits. A personal manager helps to support transactions and provides assistance in cases that are permitted by the rules of the platform.
  • In addition to a personal manager, the client is given the opportunity to participate in all tournaments that are held on the platform for free. For regular users, paid and free tournaments are provided that create a competitive effect between clients, which contributes to the desire to improve their trading skills.
  • The next and perhaps the most important advantage is the higher percentage of return on binary options. In other words, you make the same trades as other traders on standard accounts, but you get more profit for successful trades.


Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

Why IQ Option?

Since the launch of the platform until now, it has been ranked high among the best trading platforms, which means that there is a great demand among users and their success in trading on IQ Option. The quality of the services offered by the platform has not dropped since 2014, which gives the platform some advantages over its competitors.

IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards
IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards

Access to trading in the asset market allows you to get directly to the platform terminal. The terminal is a program that allows the client to visually get acquainted with the selected asset, as well as with fluctuations in its price, in the period of time that interests him. Using the terminal, the user has the opportunity to start trading by opening transactions, and also gives the opportunity to control their progress and close them upon completion.

The convenience of the terminal lies in its accessibility. The user can install the application on a computer, laptop, tablet, as well as on a mobile phone, not limited to the web version of the platform. Thanks to this, many functions are available to the client, and he does not have to be limited to working from home. Installing applications on the user's device is fast and free.

The platform creates the most comfortable conditions for its clients, allowing them to organize trading in the most efficient way.

Practice account

A training account is available to every client of the platform, absolutely free of charge and for an unlimited period, which not every broker can boast of. Usually the Demo account is offered during the first month of using the platform.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

A demonstrative account allows platform clients not only to get acquainted with all the functionality offered by the terminal, but also makes it possible to hone trading skills without using the user's personal funds. The thing is that the platform provides this account immediately with fictitious funds, which makes it impossible to withdraw them, even in the event of a profit. This is considered the only difference between it and the user's real account.

Get $ 10,000 in your practice demo account
Get $ 10,000 in your practice demo account

Tools for trading

All tools on the platform are designed to enable the client to organize profitable and safe trading in the terminal. Usually, all tools have a standard set in the terminal of any broker. Using the tools, the platform client increases the likelihood of avoiding a losing trade.

Before starting trading, the user sets up the terminal as a standard for work. First, the client selects the asset he needs, IQ Option offers to use currency pairs, stocks, precious metals, cryptocurrency, and so on. After that, the user can start analyzing the direction of the price.

Explore the analytical capabilities of the platform
Explore the analytical capabilities of the platform

Analysis of price movement is essential for successful trading, so the user should definitely hone this skill. For this, the client will need various tools that he will find in the terminal. First of all, traders prefer to use visual tools that can be applied to the chart of the selected asset, these are various lines, to identify trends or formed figures. Each value has its own meaning, so it is worth understanding this in more detail.

Among other things, the user will be able to find many different indicators that he can also use to determine the most opportune moment to enter a trade.

Get access to different types of financial markets
Get access to different types of financial markets


Trading on the platform is carried out using the CFD method. This direction in trading has a broad direction, for its ease of understanding. The increased interest can be explained by the fact that when using CFDs, you can use leverage, and also not buy the asset itself.

The essence of this trading method lies in making a profit, which depends on the price difference, during the opening of a transaction and its closing. So, when the analysis of the price movement makes it clear that the price of an asset will grow, the client opens a deal in a “buy” and closes it when the profit reaches the required or acceptable value. The same happens during a price decrease, but the deal will be opened in the “sell”.

Learn how to use stop orders
Learn how to use stop orders

The method is quite simple, but for its effective use, it is necessary to correctly analyze the movement of the asset price.

A competent and correct study of the platform's functions will lead to the desired result. That is why there are training accounts and all possible video lessons and training articles that the user can find in the training block. And for the development of experienced clients, the platform provides an opportunity to open a VIP account and improve your skills and achievements.

Perfect money
The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose