The more popular trading becomes, the greater the convenience for users, the developers of trading floors organize. This is how mobile applications began to appear, allowing an investor or trader to be more mobile and free in their trading. Such applications allow the user to have freedom from being constantly at the computer or laptop, which allows the investor or trader to be more free in their movements. All this is possible due to the fact that modern smartphones have a good Internet connection.

That is why, for users who are constantly on the road or go on vacation, earnings are available on the network using a mobile application.

A mobile application is convenient even during a trip to work, as some of them have the ability to set up notifications for the necessary trading asset, which allows an investor or trader to respond in time to a price change or a trend.

IQ Option trading platform
IQ Option trading platform

As an example of such a mobile application, we can analyze the IQ Option mobile application, which has a good rating among users of online brokers around the world, and has also proven its practicality and convenience in practice.

What is the IQ Option app for smartphones?

IQ Option is a mobile application of trading floor of the same name, which gives access to the terminal and all the functions in it.

The IQ Option asset investment platform has established itself among many users with convenient and safe trading since 2014. Most of the positive feedback from investors and traders is due to the practical and profitable trading of binary options, as well as the trading method based on CFD (Contact for Difference).

IQ Option is the leading online broker in the world, attracting users with not high commissions, but also a low deposit to start trading. The site also offers a free practice account with fictitious funds, allowing an investor or trader to develop a suitable trading strategy, individually.

Thanks to this, more and more users visit the site every day, and experienced traders do not want to change a practical broker.

IQ Option mobile app
IQ Option mobile app


For the IQ Option mobile app, the look of the interface is not the main, but an important part. First of all, it is worth noting that the type of terminal completely repeats the standard site of an online broker. This means that traders and investors who have been cooperating with IQ Option for a long time will not need to get used to the new designations of instruments and main functions in the terminal. The user can simply log into their account using the IQ Option mobile app and see their open trades online.

The main advantage of the convenience of the interface of the IQ Option mobile application is not overloaded design, even when an investor or trader opens the terminal and selects the desired asset on a smartphone, he will be able to see the price movement chart and analyze its movement. The application allows you to zoom in and out of candles, allowing you to change the scale in order to assess the price movement for several months or trimesters.

IQ Option mobile app offers security and vast choice of assets
IQ Option mobile app offers security and vast choice of assets


The functionality of the terminal in the IQ Option mobile application impresses with its conciseness and ease of use. The terminal screen is not overloaded and yet, all necessary functions are at the user's fingertips.

For example, in order to open a deal, the terminal window has highlighted buttons for entering a deal: "Buy" and "Sell". They are highlighted with distinctive colors and have a fairly large designation.

Also right in the terminal, you can choose the type of chart that is more convenient for an individual user. An investor or trader can choose the type of chart that is most convenient for him, be it bars, a curve or candles.

At the top of the terminal, you can select the required asset for trading or compare the “mirror” charts of different assets to analyze the price movement.

To the right above the trade entry buttons, there are fields in which you need to enter the amount to enter the trade and specify the leverage if necessary.

It is important to remember that trading with leverage carries increased risks, so you need to be prepared and indicate the amount that, in the event of an unsuccessful transaction, will not bring big losses.

Use the demo in the mobile app
Use the demo in the mobile app


Also using the IQ Option mobile app, the user can set take-profit and stop-loss.

The take-profit command allows the trader to notify the broker when to close a profitable trade. The price at which the transaction will be closed automatically is indicated, which allows the trader to do other things, and not track the desired profit on his own.

Stop-loss is set by the user in order to protect himself from big losses. As you know, the price does not always behave predictably in the market, and can suddenly change direction. The stop-loss command allows you to minimize losses by closing the deal while the downsides are still acceptable and saves the investor or trader from big losses.

These features are quite useful if the user cannot afford to constantly monitor an open trade. Therefore, the right analysis and the correct use of just two commands help the user to trade more safely, avoiding huge losses.

Use the demo in the mobile app
Use the demo in the mobile app

How and where to download the IQ Option mobile app?

There are several ways to download the IQ Option mobile app.

In the first case, the user just needs to go to the app store on their smartphone and enter IQ Option in the search.

You can make IQ Option mobile app download absolutely free of charge on any smartphone, based on Android or iOS. What makes mobile trading easier and more accessible in any country in the world.

The other way is through the main IQ Option website. On the main page of the official website of IQ Option, in the top line of the menu, you need to move the mouse cursor over "For traders", a small curtain will open, where the user needs to select "Download application".

A tab will open where an investor or trader can select a suitable device, including a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, and download the application.

Both methods are absolutely no different from each other in both cases, downloading and installing is free and fast.

Smartphone requirements for system installation

You can download IQ Options mobile app on a smartphone with the Android 5.1 operating system and higher, it is also necessary that there be at least 74 MB of RAM on the hard drive. Then the application will install without problems and will function normally.

To download on smartphones with iOS software, the same hard disk space is required as for Android smartphones, and the software version must comply with iOS 12.1 and all subsequent updates.

The IQ Option mobile application works stably on all devices that meet the system requirements listed above.

IQ Option offers fast withdrawal
IQ Option offers fast withdrawal

How to use the application on the device?

After completing the installation process on the user's device, the investor or trader needs to find IQ Option in the menu and open it. To make an initial login, the user can use his account information, and a novice trader can go through the initial registration. It will take a little time, you only need to enter a valid email address and create a password, and then follow the link from the received letter.

As soon as the entry has been made, an investor or trader can start trading, and a novice user can access a practice account. With its help, he can get acquainted with all the functions of the terminal on the IQ Option mobile application. Determine for yourself the most suitable and profitable strategy, invented on your own or borrowed from more experienced users.

In addition to the practice account, the IQ Option mobile application also provides various training videos that help a trader or investor, from mastering the terminal to complex technical analysis of price movements.


This process can be carried out in the IQ Option mobile application itself. The user needs to select the desired function and fill in the required fields to complete the transaction. IQ Option is famous for its small and affordable initial deposit for any user, allowing you to start trading with a small amount and gradually increase your capital.

You can withdraw profits only by logging into your account using the official website of IQ Option and passing verification by providing the necessary documents. This process can be done even before the start of trading.

IQ Option App for smartphones
IQ Option App for smartphones

Trading on IQ Option

When a user is confident in his abilities and ready to start trading, the first thing he should pay attention to is “Contact for Price Difference” or CFD.

This is an easy trading method provided by the IQ Option marketplace. The user can use currency pairs, precious metals and digital money as assets, as well as many other instruments. The bottom line is to determine the future direction of the price.

So the user, for example, has an assumption that the price of the asset he has chosen in a couple of hours or a few days will increase by 100 points. He opens a buy deal and waits for the price to move up, when the price reaches a satisfying value, the user closes the deal. He receives income in the difference between the price of opening a transaction and its closing.

CFD profit making is one of the most popular among traders and investors around the world and gives the application users the opportunity to increase their capital over a certain period of time.

All a new user needs to get passive or active income using the trading floor is to download IQ Option mobile app and start trading.

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