What is Theta? 

Today, digital currencies are on a par with the most traded assets. This is largely facilitated by the changing financial landscape.

The Theta cryptocurrency is a key component of a decentralised digital web service dedicated to hosting, distributing and promoting video content. The basic idea is that the computing power to view videos is not provided by a centralised platform and its servers (as in the case of YouTube, for example), but by the users themselves. Theta can be connected to video platforms that host videos, video creators and users.

Initially, Theta was launched as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, but in May 2020, the project's main network was launched. It is a peer-to-peer blockchain network based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, validated by major corporations Google, Samsung and Sony, as well as cryptocurrency companies Binance and Blockchain.com.

Theta was founded in 2017 by Mitch Liu, a serial entrepreneur, and Jiyi Long, an expert in virtual reality streaming technology.

What is Theta?
What is Theta?

Where does Theta come from? 

One of the fundamental features of Theta is user-centric advertising. This approach is also used in the decentralised browser Brave and the token-based rewards system BAT. Theta coins can be earned for creating and viewing content, they can be sold and used as donations and to unlock premium content and pay for advertising campaigns.

How does Theta work? 

Theta plans to not only provide video content, but also live streaming, conference calls and launch educational projects. Here's how Theta works:

  • Some user posts a video on a video platform connected to Theta;
  • The platform makes the video available to anyone who is also connected to the network;
  • The users view the video on their device and at the same time share some of the computing power of their device with other members of the network;
  • Other users use the provided resources, watch the video and also, if they have available capacity, share their resources.
Live network stats
Live network stats

Theta also provides the possibility to configure Edge Nodes, i.e. nodes for redirecting video content. These are so-called 'relays' on Theta's network. Their owners can install special Theta Edge Node software on their PC, and use the extra power of their device and the wasted bandwidth of their internet connection to stream their video content and earn tokens. The owners of these nodes do not need to view the videos themselves.

Enterprise validator nodes
Enterprise validator nodes

What makes Theta unique? 

Theta aims to become the next generation of entertainment technology by providing a decentralised video streaming infrastructure that is cheaper than competing centralised platforms. Theta's peer-to-peer video delivery system is supported by users and offers several types of content, including cyber sports, movies, TV shows and music.

Where to buy Theta? 

Everyone has the opportunity to buy Theta in the UAЕ, thanks to the tools offered by brokers such as CFDs or CFDs. All you need is a computer. You can also buy Theta in the UAЕ at night, provided that your device has enough CPU bandwidth. 

The Theta coin purse is based on the Etherium standard.

A CFD is a kind of agreement between a broker and a trader. The trader buying a CFD on Theta does not buy the cryptocurrency itself. He acquires a contract with a purchase price for the currency. The trader can close the contract at any time. If the forecast is correct, he will earn a certain amount, otherwise he will forfeit it. CFDs allow you to earn on both the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency. 

A feature of cryptocurrencies is their high volatility. They are becoming more and more in demand as their popularity grows. The most popular and affordable way for every trader to start investing in Theta in the UAЕ is to open a trading account on an online platform. All in control of your future. Start trading now!

How do I start investing in Theta in the UAЕ? 

Investing in Theta in the UAЕ is directly linked to its technical advantages, which include:

  • Unoccupied market segment. There are only about a dozen truly popular web services in the market that offer users the ability to watch streaming video. 
  • The opportunity to earn passive income by watching video content uploaded to the platform. The authors of the project intend to use the computing power of their users' computers to power the crypto-platform. 
  • Forming a special relationship between the platform's participants and advertisers. The developers of Theta claim to soon introduce the possibility of direct interaction between advertisers and ordinary users, which will lead to the growth of the user audience.

Theta's enumerated strengths should help it gain traction with investors and users.

Investing in Theta through CFDs has been a natural evolution in digital assets. The market needs additional liquidity, which CFDs can provide. Cryptocurrency CFDs have become one of the first derivatives in the digital currency market for a reason. It is a tool that can meet the needs of both speculation, investment and hedging. 

Advantages of cryptocurrency CFDs:

  • Minimum entry. To trade CFDs on Theta, you need a minimum of funds - much less if you are working with cryptocurrencies directly. About $10 is enough to make your first trade.
  • Leverage. Working with a crypto-CFD allows you to take advantage of all the margin trading possibilities. 
  • A variety of strategies. You can make money from short-term movements in the markets, working intraday, or you can enter longer trades. CFDs on Theta offer great opportunities for both speculation and hedging, which means you can execute strategies of any size: with small amounts as well as large ones.
  • Independence from market direction. With crypto-CFDs, you can both long and short, i.e. you can profit regardless of whether the market is going up or down. 

Investing in Theta is capable of generating super profits, even over short periods of time. Potentially doubling your investment or earning a few hundred per cent profit is almost impossible anywhere else. But it is necessary to prudently spread the risks and carry out preliminary analysis to ensure that your investments remain as safe and profitable as possible.

Is it safe to invest in Theta online? 

Today, it is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, attracting many new entrants - from start-ups who create new blockchain projects to big investors who have started using cryptocurrencies in their strategies. Theta can be purchased with real money, transferred to a wallet anywhere in the world and even spent on goods and services. 

Is Theta a good investment? 

Theta, according to experts, is very promising. Theta is relevant in the video streaming sector because this market segment is not busy. The decentralised interaction between everyone involved in the transmission attracts a large audience with the possibility of both earning and receiving quality information.

In the last year, the value of Theta has increased by almost 17,000%.

Should traders invest in Theta? 

The project's steady development and guaranteed demand for tokens from media partners (Samsung VR, MBN, Pandora.tv and others) have provided Theta with a relatively stable exchange rate even during the collapse of other cryptocurrencies. THETA cryptocurrency remains a very interesting solution against their backdrop. The project itself is ranked as the 13th largest by capitalisation by CoinMarketCap. We explain what's behind this growth and what role tech giants like Sony, Samsung and Google have played in it. 

The increased interest in crypto-assets, as well as their clear benefits, gives us the opportunity to call cryptocurrency the investment of the year in 2021.

Company partners
Company partners

How to buy a Theta right now? 

  • Open an account.  

To buy Theta in the UAЕ, choose a broker and follow a very simple procedure to open an account for trading. You can open an account with your broker after you register on the online trading platform, providing your personal data (name, email address) and confirm the registration process. It is important to do this so that you always have access to the trading platform and the accounts opened on it. 

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

If you're not confident in your abilities and you'd like to practice, almost all brokers offer free demo access without registration, so you can test the service in the current market conditions, without using real money. If you are ready to work in the real market, open a real trading account.

You can start with a demo account or go straight to a real account
You can start with a demo account or go straight to a real account
  • Fund your trading account.

You can fund your trading account using one of the payment methods shown below. You can do this by transferring money via bank card, bank transfer, via e-wallet. That is to say, the funds you have deposited to your trading account are collateral for opening positions. They guarantee that when you use leverage, you will get back the capital you borrowed, even if the price moves against you. Leverage is an increase in buying power when trading cryptocurrencies using a margin trading tool. 

The iron rule is to invest only as much money as you are prepared to lose. Invest only your own money in trading. 

Choose a convenient way to fund your account
Choose a convenient way to fund your account
  • Open positions.

As long as the funds are just sitting in your account, they will not start to make you a profit. It is important to start opening positions, so that the deposited funds work for you. When you open a position a certain amount of your funds is locked in, acting as collateral. You can always withdraw funds that are not tied up in any position. When you close a position, the funds used as collateral are adjusted for profit or loss and returned to your balance. They can then be used to open new positions or withdrawn.

To open a position, you need to place an order: a market order if you want to open a position immediately, or a limit order if you want to open a position at a specific price or better. The types of orders you can see as you place them. Once a position is opened, you monitor what is happening in the market so that you can close your trade at the right time.

We wish you much success with your investments!

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